8.6 Text: Dan Michael of Northgate, The Ayenbite of Inwyt

The Ayenbite of Inwyte, `The Remorse of Conscience,' is a prose work written by Dan Michael of Northgate in his own hand. The author completed his work late in the year 1340. It is one of the rare Middle English texts that can be firmly attributed to an exact date and place. The text is a free translation of the French original Somme des Vices et Vertus compiled by Frère Lorens in 1279. There is another English version of c. 1480 printed by William Caxton in his Ryall Book. The text printed below dates from a manuscript of c. 1400 and is taken from Fernand Mossé. A Handbook of Middle English, trans. James A. Walker. Baltimore 1969: 222.

71 Exercise 8.4   Translate the text as literally as possible

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